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Discover all the great things Smart Tiki Designs and can do
for you and your website today!

Website Design
Offering professional website design services to commercial, government and non-profit organizations.

Custom Websites & Web Pages
Custom websites and webpages for businesses or organizations.

Websites Templates
Made to order web page templates to get your website project off and running.

Websites Redesign
Smart Tiki Designs can refresh your website and make it relevant for your needs.

Websites Management
Website Management by Smart Tiki Designs can provide you with service to keep your web pages up-to-date.

Websites Scripts
Smart Tiki Designs creates fast, efficient scripts for your website in Javascript, PERL Script and CGI.

Websites Graphics
Unique, eye-catching custom graphics and animation for your website or web page.

Websites Video Creation and Audio Podcasts
Take your advertising online and advertise with online videos and audio podcasts.

Custom Blogs and Turnkey Forums
Smart Tiki Designs can create an ever evolving website through the use of organic web design.

Online Storefronts
Online Storefronts by Smart Tiki Designs provide your business the ability to grow without expanding the square footage of your brick and mortar store.

Virtual Showrooms
Virtual showrooms by Smart Tiki Designs are ideal for budding entrepreneurs looking to gauge product feasibility or established businesses looking to increase market-share.

Online Catalog
Online catalogs by Smart Tiki Designs are capable of listing one to one thousand or more of your products or services.

Secure Shopping Carts
Online Shopping Carts by Smart Tiki Designs give you and your customers extra piece of mind when it comes to online sales.

Credit Card Processing
Merchant accounts are how you get paid and Smart Tiki Designs can provide information needed to select the merchant service which is right for you.

Orders via FAX Machine
Receive orders from Internet customers via your office FAX machine.

Website Consulting Services
Before you begin your website project consult with the professionals at Smart Tiki Designs.

Website Project Planning
Website project planning by Smart Tiki Designs provides complete soup to nuts services.

Website Evaluation
Website evaluations by Smart Tiki Designs can aid in improving the functionality of your website as well as enhance its overall successfulness.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising
Internet Marketing by Smart Tiki Designs offers businesses turnkey solutions for their online advertising needs.

Interactive Multimedia Design
Interactive Multimedia by Smart Tiki Designs brings life to your next project with vivid and memorable sight and sounds.

eLearning and Online Training Tools
eLearning by Smart Tiki Designs can streamline your training or compliance requirements.

Promotional DVD's and Multimedia CD's
Interactive DVDs by Smart Tiki Designs is a fast, content rich, location independent alternative to websites.

HD DVD Production
DVD Production by Smart Tiki Designs offers clients with low cost, HD video services.

Interactive Sales Kiosks
Interactive Kiosks by Smart Tiki Designs for showrooms, offices, stores and exhibits.

Programming and Software Development
Software development by Smart Tiki Designs provides custom application development for a variety of vertical markets.

Desktop Software Development
Desktop software development by Smart Tiki Designs offers custom application development for your desktop environment.

Web Application Development
Web application development by Smart Tiki Designs leverages the latest Internet technologies.

Smartphone Application Development
Smartphone application development by Smart Tiki Designs connecting you to your business wirelessly.