Privacy Policy

Smart Tiki LLC limits the amount of information collected on each user that visits this or any of Smart Tiki LLC associated websites.

Information that is collected is used to enhance your experience at this website and other associated Smart Tiki LLC websites.

Unless requested you will not be placed on any mailing list from Smart Tiki LLC.

If for some reason you receive email from Smart Tiki LLC in error please click the remove from mailing list at the bottom of the email.

For the purpose of providing requested information, products or services to you Smart Tiki LLC may or may not direct limited information submitted to Smart Tiki LLC to businesses, services, groups or other organizations that are associated with your submission or query.

Smart Tiki LLC does not knowingly sell or share your information to E-MAIL SPAM SERVICES nor does Smart Tiki LLC knowing sell or share your information with junk mail companies. Smart Tiki LLC uses submitted information to aid you providing you products or services and in the location of services, products, providers and other such services from other providers.

When legally required at the request of governmental authorities Smart Tiki LLC may be forced to release information collected in order to comply with any laws applicable whether federal, state or local.

Information collected at this website or any of the other Smart Tiki LLC associated websites, products or services maybe released, transfered or sold in the event of but not limited to one of the following acquisition, merger, sale of assets, transfer of ownership.

If changes are made to this policy information regarding such changes will be posted here.